Upcoming Races

Here’s the Races that I have planned – both those I am registered for and those I am seriously dreaming about and making plans for doing.


1. January 20, 2018 – Coldwater Rumble 52K – Estrella Mountain Regional Park

*I decided to change up my plans a bit.  I was planning on running the McDowell Frenzy 50K on December 2, 2017, but a number of things have been happening in my life the last two months and I was beginning to get stressed out by the impending training and expectations I was setting for myself.  Rather than push beyond my breaking limit, I opted to move back my next 50K by 6 weeks to give myself a little break.  I am really grateful I allowed myself this grace.

2. February 24, 2018 – Antelope Canyon 50 mile – Page, AZ (Navajo Nation)

*Wow this race…..so if you read my post, “Don’t Let Opportunities Pass You By” you can learn about the remarkable story that got me to this point.  It is really serendipitous that I am going to be running Antelope Canyon as my first 50 mile endurance run.  I am terrified yet beyond excited about this adventure.

After February I have nothing officially planned, but I am considering doing:

*Whiskey Basin 57K 

*Burning River 50 mile

*McKenzie River Trail Run