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How to Be Selfish for the “Active You”

Movement is not optional.  It is a necessary and critical part of living fully and completely.   It supports healing from mental illness.  It makes you more creative and productive.  Whether you like to walk, run, swim, cycle, climb or any other number of activities, you…

Embracing the Mundane to Make Running Success (or any Success) Possible

I am running a 100K through the Zion National Park, the wind blowing softly through my hair, my feet light as they float across the earth.  The sun gently warms my skin and all is right with the world.   Nary an issue with my…

5 Ways to Make Less into More

In a day and age when we live almost constantly on a super highway of information and social media connectedness, every day life can become overwhelming.  In the past, I would catch myself frantically scrolling my phone because I don’t want to miss any…

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