Celebration of Love: Dear Kenny….

My dearest Kenny,

Fifteen years ago, I stood in front of friends and family and committed myself to you for all time.  I remember the day in technicolor.  I woke that morning before everyone else and went for a short run.  When I got home, I sat with Paddington for a while talking to him about our future.  He purred contentedly while my heart beat with eager anticipation.  

Between basic training and reporting to your duty station, our time together since we met had been intermittent at best and so much change was on the horizon.  Not only were we about to marry, I was leaving Ohio, leaving family and friends, joining you in the Army life in Tennessee.  Yet I didn’t feel any fear or anxiety, only happiness and delight. Read More


9 Ways to Get up at the Crack of Dawn

Starting your day with a run or other physical activity is one of the best ways to build positivity & self-confidence, reduce stress, and bring overall well-being into your life.  When you begin your day with movement, it sparks creativity and inspires patience.  Seriously, it is like a miracle drug paving the way for fulfillment.

Unfortunately, our psyche has a nasty habit of trying to interfere and the best laid plans get waylaid.  Excuses build and getting up early becomes a challenge for many of us.  Have you ever told yourself, “I really just need sleep because sleep is so important”.  Sounds plausible right?  And sleep is indeed important?  But is it really a good excuse to skip a planned morning movement session?  Better to rework your schedule to skip that late night Netflix binge and go to bed a little earlier and make waking up your priority. Read More

When Good Runs Go South

Two Fridays ago, hubby and I went north to Prescott, AZ.  Our plan was to camp and then run on the Prescott Circle Trail Saturday morning.  After my Whiskey Basin 57K on the same trail, I was eager to share it with Kenny.  Beating the heat, enjoying good company, and getting into the woods were our main goals for the trip.

Unfortunately, my day got off to a rocky start.  Fight with a friend, difficult staff problems, and last minute stressful packing all conspired to ruin our trip.  But Kenny was supportive and great about getting the car packed, leaving me to fume.  Then he listened to my woes as I unleashed all my frustration.  What a man!!  After letting off some steam, I was able to settle down and focus on the excitement of our adventure. Read More

5 Things I Have Learned After a Month of Heart Monitor Training

For a month now, I have been running with a heart monitor and running in an aerobic zone also referred to as zone 2.  If you are interested in learning more about my reasons, you can read this post.  Although I knew it would require me to slow down, I have really been struggling with the snail’s pace.  To be honest, it has been a blow to my ego and most days I have to remind myself that the benefits of building a solid foundation far outweigh the present emotional discomfort. Read More

My Heart Rate Monitor Experiment…The Beginning

As the summer heat of Phoenix envelopes us, running and other outdoor athletic endeavors become quite a challenge.  Perceived exertion gets harder when dry heat sucks out all our moisture, then humidity kicks in with the monsoons and we struggle to breathe and cool down. We dehydrate quickly, melt a lot and slow down more than any of us would prefer. PRs are not being set during the summer months when temps routinely hit 110 degrees. Read More

Is Antelope Canyon 50 Miler Meant to Be?

Read my “Upcoming Races” page and you will see that I am debating between running the Antelope Canyon 50 Mile Ultra in February and the Monument Valley 50 Mile Ultra in March.   Both offer a sacred experience on Navajo lands and views of some of the most spectacular landscape features in the west.  Either choice will be epic and leave me with memories that I cherish for the rest of life.

I first started considering the Antelope Canyon 50 mile ultra when I got an email letting me know that registration would be coming up soon.  I don’t recall signing up for the race companies updates, or for information about this race specifically, yet somehow my name got on the list and I was notified.  The notice was timely as I was just contemplating what I should do for my first 50 mile race.  In no time, at all my heart became set on this race. Read More

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