How to Chase Away Despair

It has been more than four weeks since I held my children’s hands, kissed my husband’s lips, ran my hand down Amira’s back.  I am alone in a new land, making my way.  Before leaving home, Kenny and I talked a lot about how I would make the most of this time.  By ramping up my running and dialing in my nutrition.  Working towards these goals has given me focus and purpose, but not companionship.

Without the daily support system of my family, I find myself swatting away the edges of depression trying to cling to me like cobwebs in the woods.  Talking with them and video-chatting are certainly helpful at times, but at others times, it just makes our separation so much more tangible.  I try not to share how much I miss them because I know that we are all putting on brave faces and I want to stay strong.  Yet it is always there. Read More

DC Running Tour and a Lesson in Making Choices

I am on a four month temporary assignment in Washington DC.  I did a short work trip earlier in the year, my first time in DC, but didn’t get a chance to see much.  Being in this city is quite amazing.  Of course I wanted to see the sites, but I don’t like the crowds that accompany tourist locations.

So when Saturday dawned a few weeks ago and I needed to figure out where to go for my run, I decided to mix it up and do a running tour of DC.  When I first got here, I learned how to ride the metro, a necessity in DC.  I’m sure I looked like a country bumpkin at first, but it didn’t take long to get the hang of it.  I took the metro to the Smithsonian and stepped onto the National Mall. Read More

Intense Grief : Immense Gratitude

When I first arrived in Washington, DC a few weeks ago, I took a run from my apartment to Arlington National Cemetery.  Right at the moment I walked through the gates, I got a text from my dad confirming that my brother-in-law has glioblastoma…an aggressive form of brain cancer.  The survival rates are grim and my sister and her husband have four small children.  The situation is absolutely terrifying and heartbreaking.

I knew going to the Cemetery would be intense.  It was my first visit and I always get choked up when I am confronted with the sacrifices of our nation’s military.  But this time, as I was walking through the Cemetery, surrounded by so much loss and sorrow, I carried with me my grief for my sister’s family. Read More

Fostering Curiosity Not Judgement

Judgement takes on many different forms.  It is obvious when you gossip about someone’s clothing or the shape of their backside.  Many recognize these actions as unhealthy and negative and try to avoid this behavior.  However, consider this, have you ever yelled at another driver on the road because they cut you off?  Or have you ever shook your head at the mom who is carrying her screaming child out of the grocery store?  What about when you look in the mirror and berate yourself for your imperfections?

Judgement as a standalone action is neither good nor bad.  It is the mindset we foster when we exercise judgement that makes all the difference. Read More

How to Choose What Helps YOU Grow

We live in a culture of do more with less time, less money, less resources.  Your Facebook feed is probably littered with articles such as “Do XYZ every day” and “5 Food to Eat Every Day” and “10 Habits of Successful People”.  The message is always the same….do this or that every day and you will be successful, whatever that means.

Runners further encounter this on a targeted level.  Do more strength training, run more miles slowly, do HIIT training, run hill repeats, do track workouts, eat more protein, eat 100% plant based and the list goes on.  It can get very overwhelming to sort through it all for new and old runners alike.  To make matters worse, the advice can frequently be conflicting.  What is a runner (or any person) supposed to do? Read More

I Skipped a Race…Why it was the Best Decision I Could Have Made

A little over a month ago on April 22, 2018, I was registered to run the Dam Run 40K.  I signed up for this race shortly after my Antelope Canyon 50 mile finish, excited for my next running adventure.

Life had different plans however.  My hubby’s school schedule and workload got out of control.  This left me with most of the child and household duties.  I was slammed at work with my normal job, a national strategic project, a leadership development program, and preparations for a 4 month detail to Washington DC.  On top of all that my family had a week of the flu, then a few weeks later, a rotating door of some 36 hour bug that left at least one of us wrecked for almost two weeks. Read More

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