How to Be Selfish for the “Active You”

Movement is not optional.  It is a necessary and critical part of living fully and completely.   It supports healing from mental illness.  It makes you more creative and productive.  Whether you like to walk, run, swim, cycle, climb or any other number of activities, you must make time in your life to move.

Running is clearly my best way to promote and embrace movement.  Running takes on many noble forms.   Some people run in memory of a lost loved one.  Some run because they want to support a charity.  Some run to stay healthy for their family.  Some run to keep a friend or a spouse company. Read More

9 Questions to Ask Before Skipping a Run

For years I have known that running adds value to my life.  Earlier this year, I wrote an article for Trail Sisters, “Embracing Depression through Trail Running” and through writing this article, I came to understand more deeply the inextricable link that running and I have with each other.  We are one, running and I.

When the article was posted, Nikki Kimball, ultra-runner extraordinaire, commented, “Depression gave me exercise as a life sentence.  Exercise gave me the power to fight depression.”  As I read this powerful quote from one of my heroes, I was struck with a force like a tidal wave.  That was the missing link. Read More

Zion 100K….The Next Great Adventure

I’ve never been very good at believing in myself but I am great at having big dreams and working hard to get there.  For many years, my career was the focus of this drive.  I am great at my job and have accomplished a lot but am ready to take a breather from pursuing the next great work challenge.  One day this will change, but accepting my happiness where I currently am and doing that well is equally important.

But the fire to push for new limits and new goals is still burning bright.  Trail and ultra-running have given me a focus for that passion and a perfect proving ground for my limits.  Ultra-running tests both physical and mental capabilities.  There is hard work that must be done to prepare the body for the grind it will experience during a race.  8, 12, 24 hours or more on your feet moving relentlessly forward is no small feat.

Even greater is the mental strength required to complete an ultra and this is what fuels my passion for the sport.

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Running the Long Game

Scroll through social media and you will get hit hard with lots of promises for fast and easy ways to reach a goal.

“Lose 30 pounds in 30 days”

“Run your Boston Qualifier in 16 weeks”

“Become a millionaire with 5 easy steps”

These promises lure us into goals that may not even be ours or do not align with our goals.  We are left chasing dreams that belong to someone else.  Then, when the going gets tough (because it always will), we find ourselves creatively manufacturing excuses and justifications for why this won’t work. Read More

Embracing the Mundane to Make Running Success (or any Success) Possible

I am running a 100K through the Zion National Park, the wind blowing softly through my hair, my feet light as they float across the earth.  The sun gently warms my skin and all is right with the world.   Nary an issue with my stomach ever arises and I feel strong and powerful from start to finish.  I cross the finish line proud of my time and I look gorgeous, full of joy and vigor and glowing from within.  Not for a single moment did my depression wake up to say hello.  On this day, I was victorious and it took no effort to get there.  I simply woke up one day and did it.

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Why You Need a Running “Emergency Action Plan”

Two weeks ago my family visited me in DC which was refreshing for my soul.  I had set up my training program so that the week they were here would be a down week, an easy week.  I planned it this way to maximize family time.  It worked out beautifully.  I loved every minute with them and adored the extra snuggle time, the extra games, the extra love.

As they rolled down the road to head home, I set out for a run.  It felt great and was the perfect way to handle the sorrow I was feeling after saying good bye.  It put me back into my routine and set me up for a smooth transition.  Amazing how running seems to be the perfect fix to everything in my life. Read More

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