Get to know a little more about me!

My name is Emily and I am a runner, an ultra-runner in fact, a mother and wife, a natural resource conservationist and an all around passionate lady.  I chase my dreams, lots of dreams, with the love and support of my amazing husband (also an ultra-runner) and my two crazy and cool sons. Some days some would say I have it made.  But there’s more….I have Major Depression.

Depression is my chains.  I have suffered from depression since I was a child.  At times it has consumed me wholly, dictating my ability to do even the simplest tasks like washing my hair or buying groceries. While it struggles and fights to maintain control over me each and every day, no longer do I let it define me.

I found running almost 10 years ago and then trail and ultra running in 2014.  Running has given me the strength to dominate my depression.  It has taught me how to persevere in life when the going gets tough and how to rejoice in the simple beauty that makes it all worth living.

When on the trails and in nature, pushing your body to the limits, getting dirty, the delicate part of your brain that says “You are not enough” quiets down.  The wonder of the world around you and the strength of your physical self serve to strength your delicate self.  You gain the strength to embrace your delicate self, knowing that owning it and loving it as part of you will not hold you back.

I am a woman and a warrior and will not be held back from my dreams.